RailQor DC-DC Converters
    SynQor’s ruggedized DC-DC converters... the power behind transportation
RailQor Series Isolated DC-DC Converters The RailQor® line Series DC-DC converters is designed to provide isolated dc power in the transportation industry for such electronics as LED displays, audio amplifiers, safety monitors, lighting, and communications systems under the European Standard EN 501555.  These converters use SynQor's synchronous rectifier based technology to achieve extremely effiicient industry leading performance.  Due to the difficult environmental conditions the transportation market poses on power supplies, SynQor has designed the RailQor line for optimal performance in the most demanding applications.
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Package Dimension Drawings
PRODUCT MATRIX  Input Voltage Range
  2:1 Vin 4:1 Vin 12:1 Vin
        Input Range: 9-36V  
        Max. Power: 100W   Input Range: 12-150V
        Eff. @12V: 91%   Max. Power: 27.6W
            Eff. @12V: 86%
  Input Range: 42-110V        
Input Range: 66-160V    Max. Power: 150W        
Max. Power: 150W   Eff. @12V: 93%        
Eff. @12V: 93%            

Product Highlights
  • High Efficiency up to 93%
  • Input Voltage Ranges: 9-36V, 12-150V, 42-110V & 66-160V
  • Output Power Up to 150W
  • Fixed Frequency Switching, Low Output Noise 
  • No Minimum Load Requirement
  • Remote On/Off Control
  • Output Voltage Trim Range +10% to -20%
  • Designed for 3000Vdc and 100ΩM Input-to-Output Isolation
  • High Power Density Means Smaller Size, More Board Area for Other Functions
  • Low Weight Reduces Strain During Vibration
  • SynQor's Proven Designs Lead to High Reliability and Quality
  • Single Board Production - Short Lead Times & Flexibility
  • Manufacturing Excellence - High Level of Automation Improves Lead Times, Flexibility and Reliability