Environmental Impact Statement

"SynQor is committed to product development consistent with the preservation of the natural environment, which includes reducing harmful materials from our converters and maximizing energy efficiency."

RoHS Compliance / Lead Free Initiative

Corporate Commitment

Due to increased worldwide environmental concerns, the need for lead-free solutions in electronic components and systems is receiving increasing attention within the electronics industry. SynQor has taken an active role in supporting our customers with a migration to lead free products. This initiative is fully supportive of the global industry efforts to phase out the use of lead and other harmful elements from electronic equipment materials and manufacturing processes. SynQor's goal is to develop products such that they reduce space and materials while increasing power conversion efficiency. In turn, this allows our customers to continually reduce their impact on the environment while achieving higher performance levels in their applications.

Legislative requirements, primarily in Asia and Europe, mandate the elimination of specific hazardous substances, including lead (Pb) by July 1st 2006. SynQor has successfully eliminated hazardous and toxic materials from its RoHS compliant products, in compliance with the European Parliament Directive entitled "Restrictions on the use Of Hazardous Substances" (RoHS). SynQor's commitment allowed us to achieve a 100% lead-free product well in advance of the 2006 deadline.

For RoHS compliant products datasheet information:
RoHS Datasheet Addendum for SynQor products (PDF)

Please download our SynQor RoHS-REACH Certificate of Compliance here:
SynQor RoHS-REACH Certificate of Compliance (PDF)

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