SynQor is a co-founder of the Distributed-power Open Standards Alliance (DOSA). Together with fellow alliance members and customers, DOSA is taking a lead in establishing industry standards for compatibility of power converters in order to ensure alternate product sourcing.

DOSA Website

Distributed-power Open Standards Alliance

What is DOSA?

The Distributed-power Open Standards Alliance (DOSA) was formed to ensure future DC-DC product compatibility and standardization within the increasingly fragmented power converter market. The goal of the alliance is to establish customer interface standards early in the development cycle, which include form factors, footprints, pin-outs, feature sets and other parameters that will permit alternative sourcing. The alliance covers a broad range of power converters including non-isolated (POL), isolated applications, and intermediate bus converters.

Who is part of DOSA?

DOSA is a cooperative alliance, with no financial interests or investments among the members. The alliance was originally founded by SynQor and Tyco Electronics although alliance membership is open to any qualified DC-DC converter manufacturer. Currently membership in the alliance includes Celestica, Ericsson Power Modules, Lambda and Delta Electronics. Above all DOSA is customer-driven and seeks input from the market on technical issues that confront our customers daily.

Why is DOSA needed?

Customers have been encouraging product standardization efforts because of the sourcing benefits created in the somewhat fragmented DC-DC converter market. Since DOSA is not based on private labeling or licensing agreements, this standardization will ensure alternative sourcing that is not tied to one particular component or technology. The alliance can ensure true second sourcing while maintaining the market benefits of competition. Alliance standards information will be shared with the market and non-members through early product announcements and the DOSA web site.

For more information, visit the DOSA website at www.dosapower.com.