NiQor Non-Isolated DC-DC Converters
    Delivers up to 16 Amps of output current with minimal derating - no heatsink required
NiQor Series Non-Isolated DC-DC Converters The NiQor® DC-DC converter is a non-isolated buck regulator, which employs synchronous rectification to achieve extremely high conversion efficiency. The NiQor family of converters are used predominately in DPA systems using a front end DC-DC high power brick (48Vin to low voltage bus). The non-isolated NiQor converters are then used at the point of load to create the low voltage outputs required by the design. The wide trim module can be programmed to a variety of output voltages through the use of a single external resistor.
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Package Dimension Drawings
NiQor Base Part Number Features
Product Family Input Voltage Output Voltage Package
Pin Length Features
NQ: NiQor
04: 3.0-6.0V
10: 10.2-13.2V
15: 6.0-15V
16: 6.0-16V
W50: 0.75-5.0V
W33: 0.75-3.6V
T33: 0.85-3.6V
V: Vertical SIP
H: Horiz. SIP
S: Surface Mount
K: Kilo
M: Mega
G: Giga
A: Open Frame 07: 7.0 Amps
10: 10 Amps
15: 15 Amps
16: 16 Amps
30: 30 Amps
N: Neg
O: Neg. / Open
P: Positive / Open
R: 0.160" SIP Std.
V: 0.160" Rev. Vert. 
S: SMT Std.
N: None
S: Sense
D: Sense & Share
G: Sense, Share
     & Gnd Pins
Part Numbering Example: NQ04W33SMA16PSS
NOTE:  Not all combinations make valid part numbers. Please consult the factory for specific product availability.