IQ70 Series DC-DC Converters
    Ruggedized for the harsh environments seen in many industrial and transportation applications.
IQ70 1.8Vout 3.3Vout 5.0Vout 7.0Vout 12Vout 15Vout 24Vout 28Vout 30Vout 40Vout 48Vout
Half Brick 60A/108W 57A/188W 44A/220W   20A/240W 16A/240W 10A/240W 8.5A/238W   6.0A/240W 5.0A/240W
50A/90W 43A/142W 32A/160W   15A/180W 12A/180W 7.5A/180W 6.5A/182W   4.5A/180W 3.8A/182W
Quarter Brick 40A/72W 30A/99W 24A/120W 18A/126W 11A/132W 8.6A/129W 5.5A/132W   4.4A/132W   2.7A/130W
32A/58W 23A/76W 17A/85W 12A/84W 7.0A/84W 5.5A/83W 3.5A/84W   2.8A/84W   1.8A/86W
25A/45W 15A/50W 10A/50W 7.0A/49W 4.0A/48W 3.3A/50W 2.0A/48W   1.6A/48W   1.0A/48W
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