InQor DC-DC Converters
    SynQor’s ruggedized DC-DC converters... the power behind industry
InQor Series Isolated DC-DC Converters The InQor® Series dc-dc converter are composed of next-generation, board-mountable, isolated, fixed switching frequency dc-dc converters that use synchronous rectification to achieve extremely high power conversion efficiency. Each module is supplied completely encased to provide protection from the harsh environments seen in many industrial and transportation applications.
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Product Part Numbering Convention
Product Part Numbering Convention
Package Dimension Drawings
EN50155 Application Information
EN50155 Input Specifications
Nom. Input Input Range Transients SynQor
Vin 0.7-1.25(Vin) 0.6Vin 0.1s 1.4Vin 1s Input Range
12V 8.4-15V 7.2V 16.8V 9-22V 9-36V 9-75V      
12/24V 12.6-22.5V 10.8V  25.2V  16-40V     16-135V
24V 17-30V 14V 34V 18-36V 18-135V  
36V 25-45V 22V 61V 18-75V    
48V 34-60V 29V 67V 36-75V 34-135V 34-160V
72V 50-90V 43V 101V 42-110V 34-135V
110V 77-137V 66V 154V 66-160V 42-160V      
Qualification Highlights
    SynQor EN50155 Qualification
  • Temperature/Relative Humidity Test
        Non Biased
        55°C, 95% RH
        10 hours
  • Operating Temperature Test
        VIN Nominal, Full Load, Continuous
        85°C for 6 hours, 2 hours at -40°C
  • Electrical Test - Functional ATE Test
    SynQor Standard Qualification
  • Life Test - 95% line and load, 1000 hours
  • Vibration - 10-55Hz, 0.06", 1 min/sweep, 120 sweeps for 3 axis
  • Mech. Shock - 100G, 3 drops each axis
  • Temp Cycle - -40°C to 100°C, 15°C/min ramp, 500 cycles
  • Power/Thermal Cycle - Temp min to max, VIN min to max, full load, 100 cycles
  • Design Marginality - TMIN-10°C to TMAX+10°C, 5°C steps, VIN min to max, 0 to 105% load
  • Humidity - +85°C, 85% RH, 1k hours
  • Solderability - MIL-STD-883, method 2003
  • Electrical Test - ATE test to post-qualification limits