InQor DC-DC Converters
    SynQor’s ruggedized DC-DC converters... the power behind industry
InQor Series Isolated DC-DC Converters The InQor® Series is composed of next-generation, board-mountable, isolated, fixed switching frequency DC‑DC converters that use synchronous rectification to achieve extremely high power conversion efficiency. Each module is supplied completely encased to provide protection from harsh environments.
Product Part Numbering Convention EN50155
Package Dimension Drawings EMI Filters
PRODUCT MATRIX  Input Voltage Range
  2:1 Vin 4:1 Vin 8:1 Vin 12:1 Vin
Input Range: 9-25V                        
Max. Power: 182W                      
Eff. @3.3V: 87%   Input Range: 9-40V                    
  Max. Power: 182W                  
Input Range: 18-50V   Eff. @3.3V: 87%       Input Range: 9-100V            
Max. Power: 500W         Max. Power: 255W            
Eff. @3.3V: 93%       Input Range: 18-75V   Eff. @3.3V: 88%            
      Max. Power: 220W            
Input Range: 34-100V       Eff. @3.3V: 92%       Input Range: 18-135V       Input Range: 12-170V
Max. Power: 600W             Max. Power: 200W       Max. Power: 53W
Eff. @3.3V: 89%   Input Range: 34-135V           Eff. @3.3V: 90%       Eff. @3.3V: 85%
  Max. Power: 240W                  
Input Range: 42-110V   Eff. @3.3V: 91%               Input Range: 34-160V    
Max. Power: 255W                   Max. Power: 228W    
Eff. @3.3V: 91%                   Eff. @3.3V: 89%    
Input Range: 66-170V                        
Max. Power: 255W                        
Eff. @3.3V: 91%                        
Input Range: 180-475V                        
Max. Power: 600W                        
Eff. @3.3V: 90%                        

Product Highlights
  • High Efficiency at Full Rated Current
  • Delivers Maximum Output Current with Minimal Derating
  • Wide Operating Input Voltage Range
  • Fixed Frequency Switching Provides Predictable EMI Performance
  • No Minimum Load Requirements
  • Conduction Cooled, Ruggedized Package
  • High Power Density Means Smaller Size, More Board Area for Other Functions
  • Low Weight Reduces Strain During Vibration
  • Wide Range of Output Voltages from 1.2-50Vout
  • SynQor's Proven Designs Lead to High Reliability and Quality
  • Single Board Production - Short Lead Times & Flexibility
  • Manufacturing Excellence - High Level of Automation Improves Lead Times, Flexibility and Reliability