NiQor High Voltage DC-DC Converters
    High input voltage, non-isolated brick DC-DC converters
NiQor Series Hi-Voltage Non-Isolated DC-DC Converters The high input voltage NiQor® family of DC-DC converters offer a unique solution for converting high-powered, varible voltages to a wide range of output voltages. The converter is a non-isolated buck-boost regulator, which employs synchronous rectification to achieve extremely high conversion efficiency. Suitable for use in IBA or to provide a regulated output voltage from a battery source or other variable voltage source. Can be configured to Buck the input voltage down or Boost the input voltage up using a single external resistor
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Battery Charging
    Key features of "C" version:
  • Provides the power conversion platform for battery charging
  • Output current limit is externally controlled for constant-current charging
  • Current can be set with an external resistor or an active circuit
  • Current analog signal provided for instrumentation and control functions
  • "Ideal diode" output stage with zero back-drive current prevents discharge of battery when not charging
  • Output voltage set-point is independantly controlled through trim pin
  • Unit will smoothly transition between current and voltage modes as charging cycle needs change