SynQor is committed to the highest quality manufacturing processes while ensuring a timely supply of quality product at a competitive price to our customers. To ensure this goal, SynQor operates its own production lines at its Boxborough, MA headquarters, assuring high volume production, while retaining control over industry leading quality levels.

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SynQor operates a multiple cell production flow in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Boxborough, MA, using the latest in automated surface mount technology. The in-line, flow manufacturing process allows for virtually hands free construction and minimal WIP processing, resulting in very high throughput and product mix that supports a pull production strategy. SynQor's use of a single PCB construction, planar magnetics and a baseplate-free design, allows for simple automated manufacturing and inspection, resulting in higher yields. Since SynQor units have 90% common materials, there is minimal breakdown and setup between production runs, leading to shorter cycle times, higher flexibility and simpler part sourcing. Consequently, SynQor has reduced the lead-time on the majority of our products to only four weeks. Our manufacturing expertise also remains in house so that we have complete control of the quality and traceability of our product.