Other Accessories
ACuQor Cables
The following documents are the mechanical drawings for a series of assemblies that SynQor offers for the customer's convenience.
  E-Series G-Series
Input mating cable with pre-stripped wire ends (36") AQ-CBL-INPUT1C AQ-CBL-INPUT1CG
Output mating cable with pre-stripped wire ends (18") AQ-CBL-OUT1C AQ-CBL-OUT1CDG
Output mating cable with connectors on both ends (18") AQ-CBL-OUT2C  
Converter Sockets
Sockets available from Third Party Resources - This link will guide you to the appropriate resource to identify sockets for converter modules.
Interface Adaptors
Our series of adaptor boards allows for easy wiring to SynQor DC-DC converters. The following documents contain terminal and component assignments and mechanical information.
  Thru Hole Mounting
Sixteenth Brick Adaptor SBI-00
Quarter Brick Adaptor QBI-00
Half Brick Adaptor HBI-00
  Note: Other Accessories are also available; for further information contact info@SynQor.com